The New York State Department of Health (DOH) is excited to announce the Person-Centered Planning Comprehensive System Transformation Statewide Training Initiative. This Initiative is sponsored by DOH to support best practices in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBD) Final Rule-compliant person-centered planning and practice throughout the State.

What is it? - An extensive series of Regional Trainings and Learning Institutes held across the State at no cost to training participants.

For full details and locations, please click here

**Please note these trainings are options, but we highly encourage you to attend!**

New Funding Announcement from the Health Foundation of Western & Central New York

The Health Foundation has partnered with the Brookdale Foundation Group to launch two new caregiver funding opportunities across Western and Central New York!

Agencies that provide caregiving support for people with early memory loss, or agencies that provide supportive services to relative caregivers are encouraged to apply for these two new initiatives.

These grants, awards to ten (10) organizations in Western and Central New York, reflect the Foundation's commitment to programs that improve health outcomes for two of the most vulnerable and underserved populations in our regions - older adults and children birth to age five who are impacted by poverty.

The caregiving funding opportunities are the National Group Respite Program and the Relatives as Parents Program.

Grant recipients will receive funding for two-years for one of these two programs. The grants are $10,000 for the first year with an opportunity for a second tier grant of $5,000.

National Group Respite Program
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and related dementias have a devastating impact on both people with the disease, and their caregivers. AD can lead to premature institutionalization, along with emotional, physical and financial hardship.

The Health Foundation will award seed grants to service providers that plan to offer new, dementia-specific Group Respite or specialized Early Memory Loss (EML) programming to participants, along with the support to caregivers, in order to help individuals remain in their communities.

The National Group Respite program and the specialized Early Memory Loss Program are both community-based, social model day programs that provide dementia-specific group activities for participants and respite for family caregivers and carepartners.

Proposals for the National Group Respite program are due Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

To enter the proposal process, click here and visit the section titled "Recent Requests for Proposals."

Relatives As Parents Program
The Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP) aims to develop or expand services for grandparents or other relatives who have taken on the responsibility of surrogate parenting when the biological parents are unable to do so.

Goals of the Relatives as Parents programs are:

  • To provide supportive serves to relative caregivers and the children they are raising
  • Expand or start new current services in response to caregiver and family needs
  • Provide services and assistance to relative caregivers and the children in their care
  • Establish collaboration with community organizations and other service systems
  • Initiate programs that have assurance of continuity beyond their two-year grant period
  • Create replicable models of cost-effective, quality services across the region

Proposals for the Relatives as Parents program are due Wednesday, June 12, 2019.

To enter the proposal process, click here and visit the section titled" Recent Requests for Proposals"

Any questions? Please contact the caregiver program officer, Ken Genewick at [email protected]


New Publication on Dementia, Caregiving and Transportation

Dear ADSSP and ADI-SSS Grantees and Collaborative Partners:

We'd like to make you aware of a new publication from the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center titled Dementia, Caregiving and Transportation. The publication can be accessed at You may find this publication useful in your respective grant projects.

The publication provides transportation tips for caregivers, information on types of transportation available, dementia-friendly tips for transit drivers, items to include in a travel kit, destination cards that can be tailored for each traveler, and a list of resources.

Thank you,

National Alzheimer's and Dementia Resource Center

New Learning Modules for Dementia Caregivers

Dear Grantees and Community Partners:

We wanted to make you aware of a new resource available.

New learning modules for dementia caregivers
The Health Resources Services Administration has released eleven new learning modules as a supplemental resource to the Agency's Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia's Training Curriculum that trains the primary care workforces about dementia care and helps providers address caregiver needs. Four are aimed at providers, with seven for unpaid caregivers. These are a wonderful resource for CMS beneficiaries and their families and caregivers. Check out the new learning modules!

-National Alzheimer's and Dementia Resources Center