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DOH UPDATE: Questions and Answers Related to COVID-19 Guidance for Providing Adult Social Day Care (SDC) Services Telephonically - updated 5/16/2020

Letter to NYC DFTA from NYSADSA - 5/12/2020
The purpose of this letter is to extend the registration fee for NYC programs that register with the Department for the Aging.

Open Letter to MLTC Providers from NYSADSA - 4/16/2020

COVID-19 Guidance for Providing Adult Social Day Care (SDC) Services Telephonically - From NYS DOH




Questions answered regarding providing meal services during COVID-19.  Registered Dietitian, Elysa Dinzes, joins us for a nutrition talk to help you navigate.

Click this link to play the recording:

A PDF of the slides is available here: SADC Meal Services During COVID-19

Documents referred to in the webinar:

WEBINAR RECORDING: NYSADSA and NYSOFA invite SADS programs around the state to join a webinar on grief and loss.

Carly Nichols, LMSW, APHSW-C. Carly is the Support Services Manager at CareFirst; the Hospice, Palliative Care, and Grief Services agency that serves Chemung, Steuben, and Schuyler counties in NY. She will be speaking about grief and loss in general, with a specific focus on supporting caregivers across the lifespan.

5/14/2020 Caregiver Coordinator Call Agenda
Presentation Slides

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WEBINAR RECORDING: On Tuesday, May 5, 2020, the New York State Department of Health hosted a public webinar titled New York State Medicaid Guidance Regarding Telehealth, Including Telephonic, Services During the COVID-19 Emergency. A recording of this webinar is now available on the DOH COVID-19 Guidance For Medicaid Providers webpage at:

You may also go directly to the recording via the following link:

Did you miss the 4/22/20 NYSADSA Webinar on Developing Assessments and Service Plans During COVID-19 with Presenters: Becky Preve, Executive Director, Aging NY & Erin Purcell, Aging Services Program Analyst, NYSOFA?

The recorded webinar is now AVAILABLE HERE and the slides and documents from the presentation are now available below:

WEBINAR RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE: Providing Telephonic and Online Meetups and Classes
Presenters: Bay Ridge Center and Bay Ridge Connects

Recording Available Here: Providing Telephonic and Online Meetups and Classes

Hear from a Brooklyn Senior Center and NORC and how they developed and are providing online meetups and classes for older adults during the COVID-19 crisis.
This presentation will include:

  • The importance of social connecting during this crisis,
  • Determining the telephone/online equipment and capabilities of your older adults,
  • Technology being used to provide virtual meetups and classes,
  • Wellness, social and recreational programming,
  • Instructing and online leading activities, and 
  • Lessons learned and further development

4/8/2020 Webinar
"Working to Support Caregivers During Covid-19"

Webinar Recording Now Available Here

Webinar Slides Now Available HERE



NYSADSA Recommended Policies & Procedures for Adhering to NYS DOH Guidance for Providing Adult Social Day Care Services Telephonically - updated 4/16/2020




ABSENTEE BALLOTS - As your participants and caregivers may want to avoid going to a polling place, please find the absentee ballots in both English and Spanish linked below.

Absentee Ballot - English
Absentee Ballot - Spanish


ADvancing States Publishes Social Isolation Responses

Thank you to all of the states, organizations, and individuals who continue to respond with activities and ideas on how to address social isolation for older adults during the COVID-19 crisis. The following document was just recently updated with responses thus far. Please continue to submit activities to ADvancing States so that we may update this document accordingly. Thank you for all you are doing to help decrease loneliness in older adults - We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to read this document.


Due to the recent developments around COVID-19 - we wanted to remind and or inform you of our infection control procedures for Joy for All Companion Pets. (Protocol Attached Here) 

Proper cleaning is essential to avoid damaging the electronics inside and to ensure safe handling.

Below you can find cleaning recommendation:Spray fur with Dapple cleaner or similar non-toxic toy cleaner

  • Spray fur with Dapple cleaner or similar non-toxic toy cleaner and gently wipe with a clean towel. Repeat if needed.
  • Gently wipe clean fur with towel, avoid area around eyes and nose.
  • Let fur dry.
  • Wide down fur with PDI Super Sani-Cloth wipes
  • Let fur dry as much as possible
  • Brush the entirety of fur with a bristled brush
    • Conair bristled brushes work best!
  • Repeat if necessary

If using the Pets in a setting with multiple people, we always recommend preventive hygiene of washing hands before and after. 




On Friday. April 3, Empire State Development hosted a webinar for nonprofits regarding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

As part of the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) provides $349 billion of loan funds to support small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other eligible entities impacted by COVID-19.

Loans of up to $10 million will be available to cover eligible expenses including funds to pay workers, interest on mortgage obligations, rent, insurance, paid sick or medical leave, utilities, and payroll- related costs incurred from February 15, 2020 – June 30, 2020. 

Loans will be available from participating lenders starting Friday, April 3. For an overview and instructional documents with details on how to apply, please visit:

To view the slides from Friday’s webinar (Slides also attached).


For questions and more information, visit