Government Action

NYSADSA Government Affairs Update
November 29, 2016

Dear NYSADSA Members:

NYSADSA had two bills successfully pass both houses of the Legislature this session.  Recently we submitted letters of support to the Governor for his consideration.  At this time the Governor has reviewed both bills and has acted.  while we are disappointed he has vetoed the oversight and monitoring bill, we are pleased he has signed the enriched bill.  Please see below for more information.

NY-AB 7588 By Cymbrowitz, Steven.
 Relates to the provision of enriched social adult day services. - Signed by the Governor 

This legislation providing for enriched social adult day services would allow programs to offer this enhanced service to their participants, especially those with Alzheimer’s or related dementia who have relatively minor and sometimes only periodic needs for medical oversight.

Non-profit programs are eligibile for the enriched social adult day services and such programs must make an application to NYSOFA to provide such additional services.

Please click here for more information: 


NY-SB 7161 By Savino, Diane J.. Relates to rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of social adult day care programs; requires report to the governor and the legislature. - Vetoed by the Governor 

This legislation would ensure that all social adult day programs operating in New York State comply with the rules and regulations established by the State Office for the Aging (SOFA). As such, SOFA would be required to conduct oversight and monitoring of all programs operating in New York to guarantee compliance.  In addition, it requires the Director of SOFA to submit a report, on or before December 31, 2016, to the Governor, Senate and Assembly regarding the projected costs and benefits of establishing uniform standards and requirements with regards to social adult day programs. This report shall be conducted in consultation with the SOFA Director’s advisory committee, affected state agencies, any affected municipal agencies and persons involved in providing social adult day care services.  Finally, the bill amends the definition of "social adult day services" and "social adult day care" to prohibit any person or program from using those terms to describe the services they offer if the services do not meet the definitions. 

Please click here to read the full veto message.  NY-SB 7161 - Veto